About Tyumen

Tyumen is the capital of the Tyumen region, which administratively belongs to the Ural Federal District, but geographically located in the west of Siberia. Tyumen is considered the first city built in Siberia by Russians — in 1586.

In 2019, the population of the city was 788 thousand people. Tyumen is known both in our country and abroad as the "oil and gas capital of Russia".

This wonderful and modern city has many attractions and is widely known for its beneficial hot springs.

This Siberian city, located on the Tura River, the left tributary of the Tobol, has a developed infrastructure, major international exhibitions and conferences are regularly held here.

The status of the "oil and gas capital" gives this prosperous city great advantages. In Tyumen, large-scale industries are concentrated related to the extraction and processing of petroleum products. The local oil and gas University, which has the status of a State University, trains specialists for the domestic fuel and energy complex.